Neo4j Twitter API Streamer


pip install nts-skazazes

How NTS works

Graph Model


There are two methods of configuration:

  1. There is a set_settings method (requires a dictionary with keys equivalent to the settings in the ini file) or individual setter methods available by importing the Config class from the confighandler module. If using this alternative method, the settings method/s must be called before initializing other package objects as they rely on these settings.
  2. You can supply a dictionary containing the settings with keys equivalent to the settings in the ini file directly to the GraphHandler and TwitterStreamHandler.



'API_KEY': 'Consumer API Key'
'API_SECRET': 'Consumer API Secret Key'
'ACCESS_TOKEN': 'Access Token'
'ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET': 'Access Token Secret'

'NEO4J_HOST': 'Neo4J Server Access URL (Only Bolt connections have been tested)'
'NEO4J_USER': 'Neo4J Username'
'NEO4J_PASSWORD': 'Neo4J Password'
'NEO4J_PORT': 'Neo4J Port'
'NEO4J_SCHEME': 'Neo4J Scheme (http, https, bolt)'




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